invisionAZ and StartUpAZ Announce New Blocks of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant Awardees

by | Mar 30, 2022


Contact: Joshua Marin-Mora

PHOENIX, AZ – invisionAZ and StartupAZ today announce new blocks of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant awardees. In partnership with Governor Doug Ducey, $1.5 million has been allocated to the EmergeAZ Fast II Grant to provide resources to Arizona entrepreneurs and startups with emerging technologies designed to address current and future economic, health, or societal challenges.

“I am incredibly proud to see all of the ways that these incredible startups and entrepreneurs are contributing to bettering the lives of Arizonans,” said Jack Selby, Chairman of envision. “Our awardees are launching Arizona forward and I’m proud to see the EmergeAZ Fast Grant be such a success.”

The new awardees include:

  • Pawgo Brands: Since 1974, Pawgo has brought mobile pet grooming and other services performed by experienced professionals. Its guild of experienced independent mobile groomers is insured, well trained & knowledgeable. Mobile service is a better option for pets because it saves time, is affordable & convenient. All Pawgo vans are self-contained with fresh hot water and air conditioning/heat.
  • Roche LLC: Roche LLC is making school scholarship management for even the most under-resourced school and family in Arizona simple and affordable.
  • Research Collective, LLCResearch Collective is a team of Human Factors Engineers and Scientists dedicated to making medical products useful, usable, desirable, and most importantly, safe.
  • dotScribedotScribe is the only cloud-based, EHR-independent Rapid Access System (RAS) that provides suggestions and instant access to medical content – just by typing a dotphrase.
  • Spiffy CheckoutsSpiffy Checkouts is an intelligent checkout page platform making it easy for SMBs to take payments & setup purchase automation.
  • SensagrateSensagrate is developing an industry defining, smart city infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) communication platform that provides data to support intelligent decision making for both human-driven and autonomous vehicles to foster safer interaction as they navigate our roadways.
  • Saguaro Bloom DiagnosticsSaguaro Bloom is a diagnostic healthcare company providing accurate and actionable snapshots of your biological fitness.
  • OneClick ReferralOneClick makes referrals fast, easy, and efficient for you, the referring doctor and the patient.
  • Jackson Medical Solutions, Inc: Jackson Medical Solutions has been interested in addressing the major disparities in medicine, specifically regarding post-operative care. Current medical device design leaves room for improvement as they unnecessarily complicate patient conditions. It is their goal to maximize patient comfort and safety while minimizing healthcare costs by making better technology that is preventative and accessible for all.
  • QuiltedQuilted inspires and organizes groups of loved ones to tell their favorite stories through curated short videos and compiles these videos into one movie to be gifted for any special occasion.

“It’s encouraging to see the EmergeAZ Grant in action as more and more startups look to use it to continue their important work ,” said Diana Vowels, CEO of StartupAZ. “We’ve already allocated plenty of funds but we’re still going! I encourage all Arizona startups to apply!”

Applications for the EmergeAZ Fast Grant are reviewed on a rolling basis for Arizona-based startups that are in revenue, have been in existence for at least 12-months, and have five or more employees. Apply today!


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