Giving Back to Move Forward

The Flywheel Effect: StartupAZ’s Operational Framework.

“It’s safe to say our flywheel is spinning and only gaining momentum – and that’s thanks, in large part, to the spirit of generosity that is very much alive in this region. There is an undeniable linkage between performance and generosity, and over the last several years, Arizona’s flywheel has been building up a tremendous amount of kinetic energy and momentum, which has been dependent on three things: its velocity, how much friction it encounters, and its mass. And though it needs a lot of force to get it started, it also needs a lot of force to make it stop –– which, as it turns out, is not unlike the growth and vitality of the Valley’s startup and innovation community.”

Why support StartupAZ?

Founders Paying it

Generosity Pledge

Why Pledge?

Establish Strong Core Values Early

Sense of purpose

60% of Millennials state that a sense of purpose is a key reason they choose to work for their current employers.


Employees who are more engaged in their organization put in 57% more effort on the job, and are 87% less likely to resign.


Companies that integrate corporate citizenship and giving into their businesses have 2.3 times the employee retention.

It’s Good for Business

Appeal to Consumers

87% of consumers believe corporations should place at least equal weight on business and supporting their communities.

Stand out from the competition

59% of Americans are more likely to buy a product associated with corporate-nonprofit partnership.

Increase Revenue

Companies with engaged employees see 26% higher revenue per employee and 14% higher total returns to shareholders.

Be In Good Company

Arizona based startups and venture firms that have taken the pledge.

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