invisionAZ and StartupAZ Announce Second Round of EmergeAZ Fast Grant Awardees

by | Jan 25, 2021

Phoenix, AZ—invisionAZ and StartupAZ announced an additional ten Arizona startups and entrepreneurs have been awarded EmergeAZ Fast Grants. In partnership with Governor Doug Ducey, the $1 million EmergeAZ Fast Grant Fund provides resources to entrepreneurs and startups with emerging technologies designed to address current economic, health, or societal challenges.

“We are pleased to announce the second round of EmergeAZ Fast Grants which reflects the diversity of innovation occurring in Arizona,” said Jack Selby, Chairman of invisionAZ. “Each of these companies are solving important problems within our community and we are grateful for the work they are doing in our state.”

  • NeoLight: NeoLight is a technology leader in the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Driving neonatal care beyond the traditional hospital setting, NeoLight is also creating a robust home market to treat neonates for jaundice and other neonatal conditions in the home, following the global trend of home-based therapies.
  • PayGround: PayGround exists to simplify and digitize the payment and collection of patient’s out-of-pocket medical costs. PayGround provides independent medical practices a modernized payment solution in which they can easily upload their requests for payment and patients can make payments in a matter of seconds.
  • Essential Scribe: Essential Scribe aids healthcare teams in clinical settings by custom training a Medical Scribe to work side-by-side with the physician, inputting data and completing documentation for each patient encounter. The scribes allow physicians to shift their focus to the patient and have orders ready for final signature at the end of the patient’s visit.
  • AdviNOW Medical: AdviNOW Medical saves physicians two-thirds of their time by nearly eliminating the data collection and documentation activity of a patient medical visit using the most advanced AI scribe in the industry. This automation reduces total provider time-per-patient and improves documentation quality.
  • MenoLabs: MenoLabs offers research-driven probiotics, fiber, and dietary supplements and a free HIPAA-compliant health tracking mobile phone application to provide natural solutions and education for women in menopause. By combining education, software, and direct-to-consumer product solutions, MenoLabs is a hub for information and support during the menopausal transition.
  • TapRoot: TapRoot offers smartphone-based, digital assistance for memory care unit clinical staff that reduces the escalation of dementia behaviors. Reduced escalation events in senior care facilities reduces transfers for hospitalization, creates scalability of best practices, and creates better outcomes for the resident and staff.
  • OTOjOY: OTOjOY designs, installs and maintains hearing loop systems, also known as induction loop systems, that help people with and without hearing loss to hear more clearly for businesses and government meetings. Unlike traditional loudspeaker systems, OTOjOY bypasses room acoustics and extraneous noises to create awe-evoking listening experience for the individual.
  • Schola: Schola’s mission is to improve education outcomes by placing students in their ideal educational setting. Schola’s enrollment platform is a one-stop-shop to connect prospective students and families with the school that best matches their needs and interests.
  • EnPower, Inc: EnPower is building better Lithium-ion batteries to address the final challenges that impede the mass adoption of Electric Vehicles. By building high energy density batteries that support repeated fast charging, the consumer experience of charging a BEV more closely emulates that of a fill-up in an internal combustion engine.
  • Humabiologics: Humabiologics is focused on developing and manufacturing human-derived biomaterials for regenerative medicine research such as printing human tissues and organs. Humabiologics honors a donor’s last wish to help others by working with tissue banks around the U.S. to use human tissues that are not used for transplant.

“It was extremely difficult to select the second round of awardees due to the quality and caliber of the more than 150 applications we have received to date,” said Brandon Clarke, co-founder and CEO of StartupAZ. “The fifteen startups that we have awarded grants thus far are truly social entrepreneurs, creating an ecosystem of companies that are driven by creating products and platforms that serve our community.”

The previous round of EmergeAZ Fast Grant Awardees included CYR3CON, Upfront, Dovly, Inc., YellowBird Holdings Inc., and Televëda Systems, LLC.

The applications for the EmergeAZ Fast Grant will be reviewed on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted. Arizona based startups that are in revenue, have been in existence for at least 12-months and have five or more employees may be eligible to apply for the grant.

For more information and to apply for the EmergeAZ Fast Grant, visit:


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