invisionAZ and StartUpAZ Announce New Blocks of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant Awardees

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Contact: Joshua Marin-Mora

PHOENIX, AZ – invisionAZ and StartupAZ today announce new blocks of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant awardees. In partnership with Governor Doug Ducey, $1.5 million has been allocated to the EmergeAZ Fast II Grant to provide resources to Arizona entrepreneurs and startups with emerging technologies designed to address current and future economic, health, or societal challenges.

“The first year of grants was incredibly successful and we are excited to announce the first round of awardees for Round II this year,” said Jack Selby, Chairman of invisionAZ. “Arizona’s innovation and tech ecosystem continues to create more high quality jobs and opportunities thanks to the work of these entrepreneurs and startups.”

The new awardees include:

  • ElevateU: ElevateU makes it easy to replace textbooks with digital learning experiences that instructors can customize and track student progress. 
  • Navi Nurses: Navi Nurses provides private nursing in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas. Get care after surgery, hospitalization, and during hospice.
  • DealerPeak: The DealerPeak CRM system is a fully customizable auto dealer desking software and mobile CRM solution. DealerPeak developed its flexible platform for use in various dealership types, size, and also scope. Whether you own a small town dealership with 5 employees or likewise manage a series of franchise facilities, DealerPeak developed a CRM software platform perfect for your individual needs.
  • EARNcares: EARN Matches highly skilled RNs and NPs to curated positions with healthcare providers. Personalizing the process of finding the right fit fast, so nurses and providers can enjoy doing their best work together.
  • Padma Agrobotics: Baltu is a next-generation training platform to rapidly upskill the workforce. Padma Agrobotics supports manufacturers and their suppliers to reduce unplanned downtime and decrease the time and costs it takes to train a worker.
  • Crumb: Crumb enables supporters to send their spare change from everyday purchases to creators, clubs & causes they care about.
  • Movement Interactive, Inc.: Movement Interactive is a tech start-up housed in the City of Mesa’s Launchpoint start-up incubator program working to develop a wearable technology to detect and report Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in youth sports. 
  • CIRQ+ Inc.: CIRQ+ is the only Smart Room Platform with automated sterilization and safety tracking capabilities. Protecting people from pathogens and accommodating a safe reopening.
  • OXbyEL Technologies, Inc: OXbyEL’s patent-pending electrochemical treatment technology cost-effectively destroys a wide range of co-contaminants in water and wastewater including recalcitrant organics and inorganics, and PFASs in a single-pass.
  • HustleJack: HustleJack is a portfolio project of Little Taller Studio – a startup studio based in Phoenix, Arizona. The founding team has spent over two decades combined building companies and communities and have aligned on the mission to help prepare the next generation to take over the business world and thrive in the new economy.
  • indipop: indipop has scoured the healthshare landscape to find high-value affordable, customized, plans backed by the stellar reviews of hundreds of satisfied clients for the independent population. 

“Round One of the EmergeAZ Fast Grant received such a high volume of interest that it’s exciting to see it continued again this year for Round Two,” said Brandon Clarke, co-founder of StartupAZ. “We are grateful for the opportunity to support these incredible startups and to support Arizona’s next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Applications for the EmergeAZ Fast Grant are reviewed on a rolling basis for Arizona-based startups that are in revenue, have been in existence for at least 12-months, and have five or more employees.


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