invisionAZ and StartUpAZ Announce New Blocks of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant Awardees

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Contact: Joshua Marin-Mora

PHOENIX, AZ – invisionAZ and StartupAZ today announce new blocks of EmergeAZ Fast II Grant awardees. In partnership with Governor Doug Ducey, $1.5 million has been allocated to the EmergeAZ Fast II Grant to provide resources to Arizona entrepreneurs and startups with emerging technologies designed to address current and future economic, health, or societal challenges.

“The first year of grants was incredibly successful and we are excited to announce the first round of awardees for Round II this year,” said Jack Selby, Chairman of invisionAZ. “Arizona’s innovation and tech ecosystem continues to create more high quality jobs and opportunities thanks to the work of these entrepreneurs and startups.”

The new awardees include:

● Insurmi: Insurmi’s Violet is the A.I. assistant built to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and enhance the insurance customer experience. She can easily sell policies, file claims, answer FAQ’s, and even make policy changes – and do it all in seconds.

● Digitile: Currently, employees follow a folder path structure and do their best to find a filename that matches their search, or they type in a few keywords with the hope that the native search engine surfaces the file and information they need. With Digitile’s Document Tag Management platform employees have countless attributes to discover the correct information and files.

● Cerebrum: Cerebrum offers intelligent lab workflow software solutions for medical and life sciences pathology labs, focusing on improving patient safety, regulatory compliance and lab efficiencies.

● Neon Screens: Neon Screens is a digital signage software company that provides simple display solutions for businesses. Neon offers full flexibility to transform TV screens into powerful marketing experiences for customers.

● PWR Lab: PWR Lab takes Lived Experience (LX) data collected throughout one’s daily life, digitizes and translates it, to make it meaningful and more valuable to consumers and businesses. LX data is changing how humans translate their physical experiences into our increasingly digital world.

“I am very excited to be leading this amazing organization as it partners with incredible start-ups all over Arizona to improve peoples’ lives and contribute to the generosity-performance flywheel,” said Diana Vowels, CEO of StartupAZ. “We already have a substantial list of awardees and we’re just getting started.”

“Round One of the EmergeAZ Fast Grant received such a high volume of interest that it’s exciting to see it continued again this year for Round Two,” said Brandon Clarke, co-founder of StartupAZ. “I am fully confident in the work that all of our awardees thus far will use the grant for to propel Arizona into the future.”

Applications for the EmergeAZ Fast Grant are reviewed on a rolling basis for Arizona-based startups that are in revenue, have been in existence for at least 12-months, and have five or more employees.


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